01 February 2011

four in one

1/28: Is there anyone in your family who was or is currently in the military? Tell us about them.Nope. All of my grandfathers were in the military but it was never been a big thing in my family, so I don't know them as military men.  I know them as Bud, the most generous man who lived in Jersey and made great fried egg sandwiches. And, Gene. The grandpa who would howl out the window at me in Northern CA and tell me wolves were coming and I better be careful. The man who whenever he met new people would tell them how when I was a baby he would be pushing me in a stroller and I would say 'hi' or smile at anyone. The man who when I went fishing with him and my father, was holding my fishing pole helping but got distracted by a bull frog and lost the only sun fish I would have caught. And finally, the man who I spoke to on the phone from Vermont as he was dying in the hospital...I told him I loved him and I would always and that I would miss him...5 minutes later he passed away. I love that man a lot, he was a great grandfather.

1/27: Have you ever had a moment in your life feel like it was pointing toward your destiny, either at the time or when you looked at it in retrospect?
Whenever I work in a theater - building sets, sorting props, painting, rehearsing, etc. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I also have

1/26: What are five good reasons to break off a wedding?
- He's cheating
- You're cheating
- You really don't love this person you're doing it for other people
- Death of a close family member
- The big game's on at the same time...duh, people.

1/25: What's something you do really well that other people are amazed by?
I bake really well. :)  

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