21 April 2010

cali-forn-i-a. part 2

california. california. california. and off i go: after monterey, we drove on US-1 some more. it was so pretty, so many mountains and so green. it was wonderful being out of the concrete jungle for a bit and smelling the fresh air, having the windows down and just sitting. rory made a mix (2 i might add) that we played the entire, well, most of the trip. 
it was fabulous. and all that ocean! beautiful. most of these pictures were taken from the car, so, pardon the blurr here or there. then we stopped in big sur, we wanted to walk amongst the redwoods, sadly, there wasnt a grove that we could hang out in. i think thats all rory wanted to do, was hang out with the trees and when it wasnt a possibility, we both were sort of ready to get back on the road.
le sigh. then, we drove s'more. there was so much fog rolling off the ocean. it looked like if you jumped you'd land in a big piles of cotton candy. yum. 
we breezed through much of the remainder of the drive, trying to get back to LA by 9 to get our car. but we definatly stopped to see the sea lions, how could we not?!
then, it happened. we stopped for dinner. and do you know what that dinner was?!?!?! 
yes! yes! yes! in-n-out, in-n-out!! that's what a hamburger's aaaall about. i love in-n-out. like a lot. and i used to argue that in n' out burger did a better burger than five guys. i had to stay true to the las vegas roots...but, on this trip...i consented. five guys, you win. you do a damn good burger, and in-n-out, its not that i dont love your burgers, but if i had to choose. id have to go with five guys, there. i said it. and then we were in LA and the weekend began.
friday: now, let the LA food begin. rory was crashing in a weho (west hollywood) which was nice. LA is an interesting place. its a dirty place but nice. its breezy and sunny. and there's tons to do. breakfast. we went to freds, in los feliz (? i think)
it was good. i had a breakfast sandwich and rory had crusted french toast.
clearly, we liked it. fred's is a really cool, hip place. its got drawings of famous actors and actress's all over the walls, its sort of a 50s diner with a rockabilly vibe. well, maybe more a calendar girl vibe. lots of tatted up folks enjoying breakfast on this fine friday. it was quite lovely. rory had some meetings and i was able to go hiking with one of my dearest friends. we haven't see each other in a long time, so it was nice to have the time to catch up. whats so great about really good friends is that you dont feel like you missed a beat. you pick up right where you left off. you already know the other persons tempo. you cant do it with everyone, but when you can. its brilliant. (she really is fabulous and i cannot wait to see her on a more regular basis. misses!) while we were hiking, she caught this
we went to a show at the fermosa cafe that night. i met some LA comics.  the guy who ran the show was really nice. when we got introduced he asked me if i had ever had Jordan wine, I had not, and that seemed to be it. When we went into watch the show, he asked me to sit with his girlfriend and told me he had a present for me...then then proceeded to pull out a bottle of Jordan 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. it was one of the most generous things anyone I had just met has ever done for me. it blew me away.  the four of us shared the bottle and have since become friends on facebook. :) it was pretty sweet. and it was a really good bottle of wine. we then ate at the restaurant attached to the bar. rory got fired rice and i had truffle mac n'cheese. rory liked mine, i thought it was bland. is that bad? i just wasnt impressed. i wanted a stronger cheesiness...such is life.
saturday: oh saturday. for brunch...cause come on, people...brunch is one of the most important meals of the day...we went to square one. to die for. all organic and all local (i assume). it was really good. it was also next to one of the 8thousand scientology centers in la. (!) i had a breakfast skillet and a fruit bowl. i couldnt resist the fruit bowl, though i'm sure i didnt need it, but i was looking at everyone elses table and i couldnt resist.  my skillet was so good, i forgot to take a picture until i had all but finished it! it was grits, collard greens, farm fresh eggs and some mushrooms. yum!
then we went to get a cup of coffee in sliverlake at intelligencia. maybe some of the best coffee in LA? not sure, i will have to find out...it was the best cup of coffee i had while in LA. then we went to melrose to shop. duhnuhnuhnuh duhnuh nuh nuh clap clap. it was cool. and a lot cheaper than i expected. noted LA. you have cheaper clothing then NYC. which is sort of weird, but okay. i bought a sassy shirt i cannot wait to wear this summer, i did (of course) wear it that night to the party we went to. see how cute it is...
i meant how cute we are. 
sunday: so. i did it. i went in the tank. rorys been talking about it since he did it the first time. it was weird. it was an interesting experience (side note: this seems to be the year of trying new "types" of things for me thus far...i went to acupuncture last week and am going again on friday, but thats another post). crash the guy who runs the place was awesome. he was nice and walked me through the steps of being a "first timer" gently. basically, you take off all your clothes, put in ear plugs, get in the shower and then climb in the tank. the tank is pitch black and theres about 2+ feet of water in a tub thats big enough for you to lay down in. the water is full of epsom salts, so you are buoyant and seemingly have to do nothing to just lay in the water and exist. rory had explained how it had gone for him in the past, so i had some expectations, not a lot. i was in the tank for an hour and 20 minutes. i sort of thought i would be in there for much less time. its very meditative. i just let my mind go. literally. just let my thoughts pass and tried to get to a blank canvas. i dont think i ever fully got there...i think that may have been b.c i was always aware of where i was and what i was doing. (thats how my first acupuncture appt. went...maybe i'm a second-go-rounder). it was cool and i would for sure do it again. we had lunch in santa monica and then headed home. rory and i just hung out that night and ran lines. it was nice. 
monday: all things have to come to an end. sadly. LA was fun. i wasnt ready to go back to NYC without rory, but, a girls gotta eat. (ha!) before i left we were able to go over to Mosaic and hang out a bit. Then we went to waffle.
NO ONE was there. i guess thats what happens on a monday morning. everyone went back to work. the waffles were good. no where near great. blame it on monday morning? and then, rory took me to the airport. we hugged for a long time and said see you in april...and that folks. was california.

19 April 2010


i get bogged down in all the stuff this girl tries to do sometimes. 
i get all heady. 
i half focus on everything. 
i rely on other people. 

only to realize...gotta get my own sh*t done.

and remember to breathe deep.

today's another day.

09 April 2010

spring time in the city!

after two days of ridiculously hot april weather, new york is settling into its spring routine (i hope). the ladies are wearing their skirts and sandals and the boys are wearing shorts and cute t-shirts. i, for one, did my part last night by doing yoga on the roof. it was so lovely. i got home from work popped on the yoga podcasts that a friend introduced me to and began. the sun was setting, it was still warm with a nice breeze and it was such a lovely view of the city. i think i am going to try to do this a lot, or maybe even get up in the morning to do it then.
yoga is so good for you. it balances and grounds you. all too often we're set to over drive. we dont take a moment to breathe or observe. when you do this, you give your life tremendous perspective. in buddhism, there is a desire to reach nabbana (sanskrit: nirvana), to attain nothingness. that can be terrifying, it feels like you are ridding yourself of "everything". i read an article also last night and it suggests to put the emphasis on the word differently, no-thingness. non-attachment. a recognition of the fact that things ebb and flow. the come and go. you address the emotional response, see it and let it go. its all a letting go. and in this letting go you find a solid ground to stand on. 
sigh. i love this stuff. 

07 April 2010

driving blind

This is my friend Justin's website. Justin and his brother, Tod, both suffer from Choroideremia a degenerative eye disease, which can lead to complete and total blindness. I met Justin in DC while I was involved with Washington Improv Theater, he's a fabulously funny improviser and a generously good person. He and Tod have decided, that since they might lose their sight entirely as they get older, that they are going to see this country and all the things it has to offer. They're going on a road trip, guys, and its pretty freaking awesome. Please check out their website, all donations will go towards the trip costs and expenses with all remaining funds going to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

I think that it is bold and brave of Justin and his bro to strike out on this adventure, so, cheers to them! Please, check it out if you have time.


01 April 2010

two things, well three.

1) i have a ton of stuff on my desk at work. its sort of a messy happy chaos that i think only i can sort through?
2) lovely is my word of the spring. 
yes, i said it. its spring. go outside, silly, and see for yourself.
3) i also, cannot for the life of me pick a font/style/color scheme and stick with it for this blog. i'm just not happy w. the outcome yet. i think i also feel a little stuck by bloggers choices.