13 March 2013

the way the universe moves

It's so funny to me how things work. I read a handful of blogs on a weekly/monthly basis.  I have my favorites that I go to when I'm bored at work or looking for something new to cook.  There's places I go very infrequently but love just the same.  I think I've said this before...but bloggers seems to ruminate over the same things...we play around with the same recipes, the same crafts, the same challenges, the same joys.  Obviously, they aren't the same but you know what I mean...we all dabble in our own creative wells and often times themes are very similar, if not the same. 

I'd been sitting on that last post for over a month, I had to go back and re-edit my "time frame" over and over. So, its amazing to me when this happens...I'm struggling with blogging and I stumble upon Joy's 10 real blogging tips.  Great post, my favorite was #10...the support.  It is amazing how much support is in this community.  Then, yesterday, I was reading Food Love Writing...Shanna's blog was one of the first blogs I started to follow 3 or 4 years ago.  I haven't been as fervent a reader as most but I always find comfort in her writing, in her exploration of life, of love and following the directions life points her in. Anyway, she posted this on the 10th, which led me to this from back in June.  And it was like a light bulb went off...  Sure, it sounds cliche to say that both of these posts resonated deeply with me...but they did. So, even if she never knows, thank you Shanna, you've helped clear my head, helped pat me on my butt and point me in the right direction, reminded me it's okay to go at my own pace. Thank you.   

And!  Here's some food.  Rory is on the road again, so I'm on my own and when that happens I do one of two things: make some really bad food OR only eat greens with some other stuff.  Greens!

Wilted Kale with lemon and Garlic over Creamy Polenta (Vegan + Gluten free!)
Polenta slightly adapted from food52
Wilted Kale w. Lemon & Garlic 
over Creamy Polenta

2 cups polenta (not instant - coarse cornmeal)
1 tablespoon of salt
1 or 2 bunches Tuscan Kale, de-ribbed and chopped into strips
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
juice from half of a lemon
olive oil
salt + pepper

Read my recipe but also look at the original one...Begin with that polenta, it will take at least an hour.  If you're anything like me, don't realize this until you begin to cook at 8pm, but carry on nonetheless.  The recipe calls for a double boiler, oh how I wish I had one.  Instead I took the pot and bowl method.  
1. Bring both your top pot and your bottom pot to a rolling simmer - the water should be touching the bottom of the top pot or bowl.
2. Make sure all 2 cups of polenta are in a measuring cup that is easy to pour with - have on hand. Once water is rolling, take a wooden spoon (preferably with a long handle) and stir in one direction to create a vortex in your bowl/top part of the double boiler. (Original Note: This is critical because, if you simply slosh the water around, you create lumps in the polenta that are almost impossible to remove. (If you do get lumps, don't worry -- just mash them against the side of the pot now.))
3. Drizzle in the polenta, keep stirring - never stop stirring, this motion makes it NOT lumpy...and everyone wants that no one likes lumpy polenta - if you do, please explain. Once all the polenta is in, you don't have to stir so fast but you cannot stop stirring. Lower your heat a little, not a ton.
4. Keep stirring for about 5 minutes. I forgot to put a lid on it, but the original recipe says to do this. I think this would have quickened my process a lot. SO, do that and if you don't have a lid, use foil.  Stir ever 30 minutes or so, checking for doneness.  It should be yellow (very), smooth, shiny and sweet...if its still bitter, cook it a bit more.
5. At this point, it can see for like 4 hours. This makes SO much polenta guys. I put mine in a muffin tin and then in the fridge to make polenta cakes for breakfast/lunch/or dinner. Let them sit overnight, covered! Then put in an air tight container separated by wax paper. Fry em up later - yum.

This is the easy part. : ) And quite frankly could be any green you want, well, not lettuce. Gross.
1. De-rib and chop kale, set aside. Chop garlic, set aside. Grab your lemon, set aside. Grab your pan and olive oil. Heat pan on med-high heat, when ready pour in olive oil.
2. When oil is hot, throw in kale. I did this in rounds because I used SO much kale, which it just fine. 
3. When kale begins to wilt throw in garlic, salt and pepper it. Then squeeze half a lemon and reduce the heat.  Try to time this out so its done and hot when your polenta is ready to be served.

Put some polenta in a bowl, cover with kale and enjoy.  At this point too, you can put some parm on it, hot sauce, more salt and pepper, a poached egg...its all up to your mouth and belly. 


09 March 2013

over three months

That's a long time and I'll be honest, I haven't felt the pull to get back here. I've made some great meals and even taken a bunch of pictures but was missing the desire to write it out. Maybe I'm hoping for some divine inspiration - but then again...the art of creating is to DO and CREATE...

So, three months into 2013 I vow to work harder here, promise, but I'm going to go at my own pace.

And, wedding brain is a real thing!  I can do nothing but think about planning.