about me

First and foremost...I'm terrible at writing bios. It's my least favorite part about being in a show - which is potentially an oxy moron because actors are selfish, right?  So, here I am putting my bio on my blog...which can be whatever I choose it to be; I have no rules to follow.  I've read a bunch of other bloggers bios that are in bullet format, so here's the bullet points of my life.
  • I'm an actress
  • I love cooking
  • I might love eating more than cooking
  • It's hard for me to get rid  and say no to of kitchen stuff
  • In 30 years i've lived in 11 different states, 26 different houses and another country
  • I'm the youngest of 3 girls
  • I love hanging out with my older sister
  • I adore my parents 
  • My father and I swear together and he taught me to spit (I should be proud of that, right?)
  • My niece looks just like me and I am going to make a baking show for her
  • I'll eat anything once
  • My nephew is going to be (is) a genius
  • I'm quiet and shy in certain company
  • I'm loud and obnoxious in other company
  • I improvise
  • I like looking strangers in the eyes
  • I love Shakespeare and classical language
  • I'm a constant observer
  • I come up with voices and inner monologues for dogs I see walking on the street, try it - you'll never look back
  • I regularly go shopping try on a TON of stuff and put it all back
  • I love smiling
  • I'm madly in love with my boyfriend, eh hem, fiance.
  • I didn't know what would happen when I started a blog; I actually love it and am upset when I don't post