08 October 2010

sometimes life gets in the way

overwhelmed. this is what i've been feeling on a regular basis for the last 2 months. o-ver-whelmed. sheesh. its all this moving across the country and saving money and not sleeping in my bed and not being comfortable in someone elses house to cook. i DESPERATELY miss cooking. i miss the access to the kitchen, the ability to walk to the grocery store to whip something up. however, with this comes an over-eagerness. for example...tonight, i'm at home and have to do laundry and i want to cook and bake EVERYthing. i want to make braised pork chops. i want to make a tenderloin. i want to make chili. i want to make burritos. i want to make couscous w. greens. i want to bake a tart tartine. i want to make pumpkin bread. i want to make homemade yogurt. i want to make pizza - from scratch. i want to eat everything and make everything. 

i knew, but i guess i didn't really know how important 'my' kitchen was to me. cooking really is cathartic for me. its my quiet creative time. its where i feel like i excel and where i have the time to breakdown whats been on my mind for x many days. cooking has become another extension of my creative self. along with acting (and drawing and sometimes writing) its where i feel the most myself. where i feel the most involved. i like working with my hands. i like details. maybe its not weird that cooking is relaxing. its just nice and i like it a lot. and when i don't have it in my life...somethings missing. i cannot wait to move to los angeles and start making my home. start making my kitchen really mine....

(not that you care) but i can't guarantee that i am going to be any better at this for the next month and a half while i prep for the move and move. but i will try to be. b.c, along with the cooking...this space is nice for me. i enjoy it.

do you do anything to help ease tension? any tips to calm being overwhelmed that aren't really time consuming and expensive?


  1. lol i read this blog! it is soothing and lovely. i realize i'm not helping. you should go to a tea shop and treat yourself to an exotic herbal blend, or an authentic chai from india. the ritual of making it is relaxing, and you don't really need to invade a kitchen to do so. also, find a great book. are you able to do enough pleasure reading? (i guess very few of us are, but make a point of it. it helps everything.)

  2. thanks! thats actually a great tip. i find i dont drink enough tea, i'm a coffee girl but i do really enjoy tea when i drink it. i try to do pleasure reading, but i am the kind of person who picks up 5 books at the same time. i'm in the middle of 'real food' by nina planck and 'the wordy shipmate' by sarah vowell (of NPR) both are great books! thanks for the comment - and once i settle down in LA, I am sure this will get back to being a regular thing.