09 April 2010

spring time in the city!

after two days of ridiculously hot april weather, new york is settling into its spring routine (i hope). the ladies are wearing their skirts and sandals and the boys are wearing shorts and cute t-shirts. i, for one, did my part last night by doing yoga on the roof. it was so lovely. i got home from work popped on the yoga podcasts that a friend introduced me to and began. the sun was setting, it was still warm with a nice breeze and it was such a lovely view of the city. i think i am going to try to do this a lot, or maybe even get up in the morning to do it then.
yoga is so good for you. it balances and grounds you. all too often we're set to over drive. we dont take a moment to breathe or observe. when you do this, you give your life tremendous perspective. in buddhism, there is a desire to reach nabbana (sanskrit: nirvana), to attain nothingness. that can be terrifying, it feels like you are ridding yourself of "everything". i read an article also last night and it suggests to put the emphasis on the word differently, no-thingness. non-attachment. a recognition of the fact that things ebb and flow. the come and go. you address the emotional response, see it and let it go. its all a letting go. and in this letting go you find a solid ground to stand on. 
sigh. i love this stuff. 


  1. Hey Jordo! Love your blog, and also your appreciation of all things food. Sounds like you're up to some awesome things these days. Most especially yoga on a New York City rooftop in the springtime.


  2. yoga. on the roof. in spring. in new york. amazing amazing girl. I love you.

  3. Yoga on the roof! Sigh. Jealous...that sounds LOVELY.