21 February 2010


i decided to do one of those email forwards with a recipe exchange on a whim. i mentioned my blog b.c i sent it to family and friends....someone who decided to participate in the recipe exchange decided to put my blog in the body of the email that they sent out...my initial reaction was that of, well, fear and shock but then i realized - this is a blog. and blogs are meant for sharing and i'm writing this in part to inspire people to cook themselves and take pictures and be creative in their day to day life...so i got over myself fast. so welcome anyone who i may not know...enjoy. what i am going to do in honor of this recipe exchange, is make all of the recipes sent to me and post about them.

yeah for the next challenge.

in my other life, as an actress. julius caesar is going well. we opened on thursday and have another show tonight then again next weekend. its going well. we needed an audience and though the houses havent been very big, we've had very supportive audiences. i love having an audience there. it makes the stakes you've set for yourself on stage higher and more valid. not that if we didnt have an audience it wouldnt be valid...but it only heightens our reality and i lurve it. come see our show!

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