22 February 2010


the title should be enough said. but its not. clearly. i cannot right now, b.c i am still reeling from it, describe to you how i feel about this movie. other that the fact that it has affected (to touch or to move) me. quite deeply. i want to do something. 

what i was just thinking about is that its about - not only about - having a relationship with your food. fine, i'll say it, obsess about food. i love it. i love making it, i love eating it, i love looking at it, i love touching it. i love the things i put in my body. the things that give me fuel and energy. but, even i don't have a real relationship with my food. yes, i buy local and organic as much as i can but i dont always read labels and when i'm in a rush, strapped on cash...i dont even thing about it. i want to think about it. i want to be educated. i want to make a small change, even if its just my single self doing something...that'll make a difference some place. and on a friends urging. ... i am going to go out and read some of pollan's books. and, if need be, i will get back on this soapbox. 


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