19 August 2009

the plays the thing

Stuff doing (and done): Tonight opens the second week of the Bushwick Shakespeare Repertory's run of As You Like It. And, boy are we excited!

The first week of the show was so great. It was a long week with a lot of hard work, some construction site snooping to find bits and pieces of our set, some neighborhood tramping to get our posters hung in local businesses and a morning full of bagels, coffee and doughnuts for a photo shoot before our Sunday matinee. All in all, we had really great audiences, good solid shows and an awesome time hanging out as a cast and crew post show. We've even gotten some great comments on Time Out New York's listing of our show! (Check it: here)

I'm looking forward to discovering new things and motivations for my character and as a cast as a whole. I imagine we'll all come back refreshed and recharged for some more hard/creative work.

Come see the show
! (No one reads this, but on the off chance...)

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  1. good luck with the show! are you in NYC? i'm in LA...so it would be hard to make it!