24 February 2011


I want to post.  I also want to cook.  Unmotivated is what I am right now.  This transition that I'm going through, regardless of whatever 'kick-in-your-pants' conversations I've had, still stinks.  Like really bad cheese, well, really stinky cheese is usually really good so that clearly doesn't make my point but you get my point, right? 

So, as soon as I come up from my hole...I'll be here. I'm here, I'm just not feeling the urge to talk/write/do anything. I don't want to keep having a pity party, I feel like I am supposed to tell myself: I'm stronger than this...but am I? Or am I allowed to just hang out in the down swing. I should use this to really plot out what exactly it is I want to accomplish - that also takes motivation. 

Like I've told myself before, tomorrow is another day. One day at a time...

Any getting out of rut suggestions?

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