15 December 2010

guilty pleasure

reality cooking shows. i can't help it. i love them. i love watching the fineness with which these chefs cook. fine! i love the drama. i love the high stakes. i love the pressure. when a chef can keep their cool under such high pressure...AND...make an awesome dish. come. on. come on, people! when i'm alone, i could watch hours, marathon upon marathon of cooking shows. seriously. i just finished watching 2 episodes of top (knife) chef ALL STARS, now, i'm catching up on the next iron chef.

the traveling you can do with your palette....its incredible. you can go to a country with your tongue. (nasty thinker, you!) really though. i could learn how to cook italian, mexican, hungarian, thai, japanese, scotch, spanish, brazillian, whatever and its almost as if you've been there because i think the best part of traveling is the eating. it colors your trip. don't get me wrong - i think food served in its native country and food you learn how to cook from wherever your grandmother is from is the best. but if you don't have that luxury or grandma didnt cook...cook and explore.

my brains was just thinking thoughts. so i shared. 

whats been cookin' in my new kitchen. a lot of things. i'm getting used to the apartment and my new kitchen. i don't fully feel like its mine yet. i mean, i know it is, but its still settling in. thats pretty much how i feel about this move on a whole right now. i'm settling in. i'm getting used to the noises the house makes at night. i'm getting used to sleeping in my bed alone when my bf travels. i'm getting used to the sounds my downstairs neighbor makes. the way the cabinets won't close. where all our stuff is put. the coyotes. guys. there are a lot of coyotes in LA and they like ganging up on littler creatures and yelping while they eat. its really no fun. i dont like it one bit. i wake up to the most awful noises and slowly fall back in to a trouble sleep only to dream i carry a bebee gun and dub myself the "coyot' killin' bandit." and i know somewhere thats bad karma or something...its just, ugh. i don't want to think about it. 

i do like it. i'm just in my adjusting period. my getting used to. my next phase. so, here's to it. 

what do you do to make yourself feel more at home in a new place? how do you settle in? do you have one thing that you take to a new place that dubs your new home home? 


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  1. it's not home until i make cookies. that, and hanging one picture.