13 February 2010

words of wisdom from Jamie Oliver

i just watched Jamie Oliver's TED prize wish speech.  that guy, knows his sh*t. he's smart, he's well informed, he's resourceful, he's inspiring.  when i was in high school i used to watch the food network like it was my job. i didn't really fancy MTV and all the popular shows that people were watching, i watched the food network, bravo and...i'll admit it, TLC. as my boyfriend likes to say, i'm a nerd, what can i do. i would watch Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef religiously, i went out and bought his cookbooks when i was 17. sure, maybe i also had a wee crush on the brit, but it was the way he handled his food. it was raw. the food that you put on your plate and in your mouth was good, natural and simple. there's really no bells and whistles about what he did. and none about what he's trying to do. he is empowered to make a change. to save live how he can, through what we eat. he is trying to empower each and every one of us to make a change, bit by bit, so that we live longer, so that our children live longer. so that we become a more sustainable country...planet, really.  i think he's so right, the kitchen in your home is where tradition is passed from generation to generation.  i learned how to cook from my parents and i couldnt be happier. the stage and kitchen are my safe havens. they are my go-to de-stressers. some people run to get out of their heads, i find something i've never made and always wanted to try and i make it. i dont think when i cook, i just do. it just happens. i know its different for everyone but i think there is so much worth and value in what Jamie is tying to do.  i'm not sure what you and i can do, but we can effect change some how. towards the end of his speech, and i am paraphrasing, he made the statement that if one chap, teaches three of his mates to cook, and they teach three of their mates to cook....its the whole country.  lets be the generation that helps change, thats brings us back to the basics. that brings us back to the ground.  i will gladly teach any of my friends anything i know. i'm no expert but i know my way around the kitchen.  eat organic. eat locally. as often as you can.

enjoy Jamie's talk.  xo

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