15 July 2009

how wonderful good friends are

Stuff done: I went to a wedding this past weekend for a very dear friend of mine and it was unbelievable. It was the most beautiful ceremony I think I have ever been to. The reception was amazing. The utter support and love for the newlyweds was so clear. 

It made me realize how wonderful good friends are. You may have certain friends come in and out of your life - when their time passes, it’s gone. This doesn't make any of those friends less important, it's just part of life, it's part of some grander process. You can reconnect with people and it's as if you never missed a step, were never uninformed of something in their lives. If some new piece of information pops into the conversation it's like "oh, wait, did I know that?" and you're off on a new topic.

A quote from the hand blessing: these are the hands that will express passion, gentleness, and strength for you.

Le sigh. Love it. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic...

Oh, ps. other stuff done: I started this blog. Let's see if I can keep doing stuff.

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