14 June 2010


i had all these posts drafted to put up as soon as i uploaded my pictures from my camera, after i went to storage and got the charger, etc. sadly....really it is so sad and i'm totally kicking myself for somehow letting a thing like this happen...but...i did laundry this weekend and as i was taking the dark cycle out of the wash, i found my camera.  

i'm in the process of trying to dry it out. must admit though, i am doubtful that it will resurface alive.
so. blogging. you'll have to wait until i figure out how to get a new camera, fix this camera or somehow invent a solution that magically makes my life better at this moment. 



  1. but...you could just write stuff!

  2. i could. ! and i probably will! its just so much nice to have a food blog w. pictures...

    thanks for the encouragement.

  3. :( sorry about your camera!

  4. boo, buddy. don't worry- something will come along. in the mean-time, you get to work on using your adjectives ;) xoxo love you