03 June 2010

camera battery!

moving can be grueling. and you misplace (lose) things in the process. i can't find my camera to computer cord OR my camera battery. how'my'gon'a'hav'a'food blog if i dont have a camera cord OR battery?!

i will amend this situation. stat. 



  1. Gosh that would suck. Hope you get it sorted soon. Saw that you commented Taza's foodblog entry and had to come and wish you luck on your endeavours :D

  2. Ebony! Thanks...I think its in STORAGE, ugh. I checked out your site - yay! thanks for finding me.

  3. Wow, just seeing this comment now. Haha.
    I see you offered someone honey - I want honey dammit! Where can I get this amazing honey?
    Oh and how is the camera situation going? Hehe.

  4. the honey is from a girlfriend of mine - she and her husband and sis-in-law own a farm and raise bees! (http://www.honeyrunfarm.com/) i'm sure they'll ship...

    still no camera. :(