15 August 2012

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I'm all about that video.  It was so much fun to make, thanks for letting me share it with you. I truly appreciate it!  I can't wait to embark on another one, see what we come up with and how. 

In the time being, R and I have taken to not drinking for a month.  Ease up on consumption and see if it makes us feel better.  I've also been doing research on Chron's, not that I think I have it or R for that matter, I'm just curious as to how food affects the body.  And I've been reading up on what it means to be gluten free.  I think I am going to try it out, see what happens.  See if I feel less bloated, less lethargic, see if my canker sores recede.  I always attribute those to my "lady-tine" or the stress I bestow upon myself.  With this research I've been doing I'm finding people that say "nuts give them canker sores" ! NUTS! I love nuts, but is this a problem?  There seems to really only be one way to figure it out, experiment with my diet.  It's hard as time is pressed with all the things we (I) have to do in a day but...like my tattoo...I have to be strong in body, mind and intention.  I think I've got that mind and maybe intention down...let's see what I can do with my body.

It'll be a process.  You know how much I love baking.  There will be mistakes.  It's going to take me time to sort out all I have to do to even do the experiment...but...I want to try it.  I'm sure you know her, but I'm going to use the Gluten-Free Girl & Chef as my inspiration.  I just read (for the first time, I have to admit) Shauna's "About Me" section.  It brought me to tears.  She's so real and honest.  The blogs I am attracted to are those of women who are strong and sure and emotionally connected with their food.  They all love touching their food, eating their food, and making food for others.  This is also where I find much joy...I'm happy to virtually surround myself with them.

Do you know anyone who's gone gluten-free?  Are you?  What's it like?  Any tips?


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  1. I did, last April, and feel so much better that if I accidentally consume grains (wheat/corn/oats/rice) I feel awful, and it takes a few days to get it out of my system. Try the Whole 30.