21 January 2011

catching up.

Oops, here we go..

1/21: What are three things you can do to be a better friend to the people in your life?
- Keep in better contact
- Be patient and know sometimes life gets in the way
- Be more open to new possibilities

1/20 : What's holding you back?
Right now? My hand. I fluctuate between numb and pain. Today, pain; got a half cast on my hand, cried a lot at the doctors, almost passed out, it was a great time. On the flip side, hopefully the pins come out in a week. 

In general? Fear of failure. It can be over powering. I try to all the time to build blocks against it but it's a consuming thing. Negative thoughts can seep into the brain space. They can be very persuasive even when your positive side is shouting at the top of its lungs. I'm sure this sounds like a bunch of crap but its what i feel. How are ways you keep yourself fighting fear?

1/19: What was the best day of your life so far?
I think there have been too many good days to pick out a "best" day so far in my life. I'm also a firm believer in living each day to its fullest and making the most of it. Sure, I've said that a day was "the best ever" but those are quickly replaced but something else, by another adventure, by another set of moments.

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