31 January 2010


there's nothing simpler than pesto. its easy, tasty and quick. last night after rehearsal i didnt want to cook a huge, time consuming meal, i just wanted to eat. so i went and bought spinach, pine nuts, garlic, lemon and Parmesan cheese. spinach? thats right, i substituted spinach for basil; a) basil is not in season and b) spinach sounds like its healthier, right? sure. and, there's really no difference in taste, which is good, 'cause when you want pesto you want the flavor.

i dont measure when it comes to pesto, i just throw it all together. i dont have a food processor, and i recommend using one rather than a blender, but use what you have.
makes a lot, i always make too much, use what i want then freeze the rest. i read somewhere a long time ago that you could freeze pesto in an ice cube tray, then you have a small amount of what you need, when you want it.
  • a big handful (and more) baby spinach
  • garlic, 3 colves (ish), minced
  • a handful of pine nuts (or walnuts, chopped)
  • half a lemon
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
1. throw your spinach and pine nuts into your blender (food processor), pulse until combined
2. add garlic, pulse
3. squeeze in as much lemon as you'd like
4. slowly drizzle in the olive oil while blender is on mix/whatever speed you're using, mix for a bit. keep pouring in the olive oil but take a few breaks to make sure you're not over adding; you dont want your pesto to be too oily.
5. when satisfied with the consistency, add approximately 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste, mix a bit more.
6. add to your pasta - that you already began cooking before you even started making the pesto, so it was all ready at the same time.

additions: i added grape tomatoes to my pasta and pesto, you can also throw in some chicken, other veggies or even a few toasted pine nuts. get creative - thats the fun part of cooking. i even toyed with the idea of adding some hot pepper (surprise, surprise).


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