05 November 2012

Sometimes it's not worth a picture

So, tonight I cooked.  I was in the mood for pasta but had an acorn squash to use...with a little help from the Kitchn I discovered this: Penne with Acorn Squash and Pancetta. (here) Not having everything, I did my typical I substituted, which as we know is typically fine.  But tonight, something happened....the meal I got excited for failed me.  It wasn't bad it just wasn't awesome and, you know I expect awesome 9 times out of 10.  I think my squash was over cooked, I used too much bacon, my spices didn't have enough of a punch...something.

At the end of a very rich and filling meal I decided I don't like cured meats and winter squashes - I like them each with other things, just not each other.  I almost feel a cardinal sin happening when I say that but it's true!  Such is the kitchen sometimes.

On another exciting note - last week two things happened that felt like I was finally finding my footing again, like Jordan was stepping back into her skin.  I had an audition for a theater company called the Vagrancy.  A handful of young New Yorkers (not all of them are NYCers) transplanted to LA for various reasons who all found each other.   They have all decided to work towards the company's mission:  
The Vagrancy creates visceral work that seeks to touch the human spirit. We embrace fear, vulnerability, and embarrassment - inviting the audience to experience a communion. We hope to spark a dialogue of questions and compassion, exposing a shared universal truth. We forge new, lesser-known, and classical works with that ineffable something. Duende.
When I was done with my audition, I felt good.  I felt like I stepped back into the room with my head up and ready to play.  It was a great feeling, regardless of what the outcome was going to be.  Fast forward to Thursday and I got asked to join the company!  So, I'm excited to announce that I am a new company member of the Vagrancy and can't wait to start playing again.

Also on Thursday, I went to a yoga studio.  It's been ages, AGES since I've been in a studio.  Yoga is my jam.  It's my balance.  It's my peace and it's been out of my life for a very long time.  Here I was committed to walking back into the classroom.  And what a class I walked in to!  I got my ass handed to me.  I don't think I've ever sweat that much from a non-hot class.  I don't know if it was my ego getting in the way or what but it was a very, very hard class and I left in pain.  I learned that my body has tightened up with lack of stretching and too much tense driving and computer sitting.  My body was yelling to move and move it tried.  I went again today and loved it.

What I guess I'm trying to acknowledge is being back to a familiar.  Or at least beginning to explore the familier in a new way and new place.  It's always a new lesson so we'll see how I learn it this time.  I'm coming up on my 2 year mark and there's no time like the present to move and explore things.

Hope you're voting tomorrow.  I don't care who you vote for (I mean, I do but I won't pressure you) I just want you to vote. 

Hope your weeks gotten off to the right foot!

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