02 August 2012

all about it.

i am on a roll, huh?  i'm getting inspired.  i'm also sitting in front of a computer on the reg M-Th...maybe that helps ;)

anyway, i'm sure i've mentioned her before but tracy of shutterbean is great.  she has a great blog and she and joy the baker teach and do podcasts together, which is awesome.  if you don't already know, check them out, you'll fall in love.  tracy shutterbean does an "i love lists" friday, which is a great idea, and on one of those lists she posted a NYTimes article about making friends after 30. oddly enough, with this new job at Silver Lake Farms, i've found myself forging new friendships.  when i sent the intial email asking a fellow gardener if she wanted to hang out, i felt like i was asking her out on a date! i even told my mom that's what i felt and she was like - just do it, jordan.  the two of us have joked about it and are even sillily approaching our communication as if we are in those awkward "first date" scenarios.  i find it amusing and i think she does too, but what's even better is that we're both aware that it is hard to make friends and when you like someone and think you can be friends you just  have to make the move.
this is adam - he's a fellow gardener at Silver Lake Farms
and CSA shareholder. we were eating the melons
at CSA the other day. YUM!
here's a thing with me.  i moved around a lot when i was little.  we're talking (totals here) 11 different states, and 26 different homes ... that's the most up-to-date number and i'm 31, by any measure it's alot. and when i was in 6th grade, we moved.  then through my freshman year it was 4 different states and 5 different homes. that's crazy. and i hated every minute of it but the thing is, i wouldn't change anything. 

the pros:  it's made me very adaptable.  i can live pretty much anywhere and make the most of it.  i didn't visit any of my colleges, i just knew i would be fine and, i was. :)

the cons: i assume friendship too fast.  i assume when i have a great conversation or two with someone, we're insta-friends... insta-friends don't really exist.  acquaintances do and you don't pour your heart out to acquaintances.

as i've gotten older i've realized this but it's been a really hard realization. and a very self/soul searching realization.  i used to have a joke with a good friend in DC that we wore our hearts on our selves. i do. i can't help it and i don't apologize for it.  it's me.  i am an emotional, sensitive person who gets really passionate about things and takes what you say seriously and i allow it to effect me.  done and done. i think i'm a good friend and listener and i think life is full of potential. (ha, this is like my online dating profile).  SIDE NOTE: also, in the time of the internet, we can feel intimately close with someone whose blog we read.  they share themselves with us, we relate and then we feel like we know that person, even though we will probably never see this person in a physical reality. it's such a weird state of being.

just be you.  faults and all.  we're all only human!  i'm glad i got to read this article.

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