31 July 2012

Not fully in the "mode"

So much is happening.  I've made dinner a handful of nights for a handful of friends and my boy, all undocumented.  I'm shuffling through 2/3 PT job schedules.  I'm trying to help Silver Lake Farms grow and expand as a business and I'm learning how to be an organic gardener in the process.  I'm making new friends with co-workers and having drinks with old friends.  I'm trying to get back to my yoga - because it really does make me feel more balanced. 

AND we're sort of in "wedding planning mode".  I say sort of because we had a plan and that plan was too expensive and the people we wanted to work with didn't want a wedding (we don't think) on their property.  This hurdle has sort of put us back at the beginning.

SIDE NOTE: when I was, 12-14 (somewhere in there) we did an original musical at summer camp and one of the songs went "Be-gin at the begin-ning, muddle through the mid-dle and when it's oooooover, STOP." and every time I think of planning my wedding, I sing this lyric in my head.  Nerd stuff...I know...but authentic.  Rory has said over and over, and I think it's true, that this is probably a blessing in disguise, that we'll probably plan a more awesome wedding than the one we had initially were thinking about...we just have to start planning. So, as part of my August goals I plan to get the ball rolling in whatever direction I can.  And, I have to remember to check on that dress I like, it could be on its way out.

I was reading the site apracticalwedding.com (also have the book that I am reading) and there was a post about a "people pleaser" planning a wedding - all too accurate to my life - and she said something at the end of her post that is easing my nerves and tensions so, I thought I would share with you:

"Recently, I was feeling guilty about missing my family and friends spread out all across the country (warning: this is wedding side-effect). To make me feel better, my very wise husband said: “Ultimately, everybody just does their own thing.” He’s right of course, and that’s how we approached our wedding. Sometimes it’s okay to be different. Sometimes it’s okay not to please everyone. Sometimes it’s okay to let your passion outweigh your practical urges. Because weddings and marriage should never be about taking one for the team. They’re about creating a new team with your partner, where you’ll never feel like you have to."

So, it's ok to take my time and do it how we want to do it. :)

We'll get there.

Here's some of the things that are inspiring me.

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