13 February 2012

stumbled upon

I spent the downtime of my work day (ie. MOST of my work day) reading  through almost all of Foxflat, a new blog I found by a girl named Katie.  She's pretty cool. I stumbled upon her blog b.c I decided to re-dye my black jeans and a little googling brought me to her and her step-by-step was super helpful.  Now I have an "almost" new pair of black jeans and a new blog to keep up with.

Reasons I like Katie & Foxflat. 1) She's from Ohio and I went to college there - seems to be some sort of connection.  2) She love bargains and turning them into new and fun things - I save every jar we get in hopes of canning something and I shop bargin bins (not solely but I do love them). She also loves the flea market - Rory and I love garage sales, yard sales, flea market sales you name it! 3) She & her hubby have created a balcony garden - I'm thinking of doing a front step garden; her insight is helpful. 4) She loves baking - or so I think from reading her baking posts - I love baking, duh. 5) She knits and makes her own yarn (I aplogize that I don't know what that's called but it's way cool) - I've always wanted to knit but have never had the patience to actually work on it. 6) I think my favorite part was her wedding re-cap, as I'm planning or thinking of planning a wedding, it's nice to hear how someone else made it through.  7) And finally, we're both Aries.

Anyway....She posted this a long time ago and I think its brilliant. So, Foxflat, thanks, I stole this from you!

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