08 February 2012

art shows are a lot of work.

This is the slew from the art show in January. I think I took a lot more than 2 a day...and I don;t even think I could date them.  They start on 9.Jan.2012 and end on 24.Jan.2012.
This is what the Hall looked like w. nothing in it.

Walls. Stacked.

The Hall at the end of the day.

You can't tell, but they hung tracks, lots changed.


Historic & Traditional comes with carpet.

Modern & Contemporary doesn't. What's that say about our art?

The China Pavilion.  Real life Chinese Reading Room from the Ming Dynasty.
No nails in the end!


The ladies who organize.  We don't lunch, we don't have time.


Flaming Margarita at the end of the day...

Felt covered walls. So pretty, such a pain to take down!


That's Allan. He helped build the show and is my friend.
The rest of the guys are eating lunch. 

More Lights!

Big deal? Can't you tell? ...buuut Scovel's spelled wrong.

Tractor! (Clever?)

Mark Mothersbaugh (of DEVO) is a cool m.effer.

Even more!

Orange wall...which we later had to paint w. many coats of white...
they only wanted one (1!) wall this color.

Up close and comfortable.

Failed attempt at cupcakes...

Staff that will actually make this thing NOT fall apart.

Just before they get here...

threeweeksinjanuary.org was there

Risotto for one.

And the art begins to arrive.

I drove this...

I picked up this...

The back door was open and the light was beautiful...


The boys adding finishing touches.

My commute on an hourly basis.

These guys were awesome.

This guy was sorta creepy.

Filling out

Filling in

Boss Man.


Opening Night Pre-Party @ the Getty, apparently James Franco
was there...missed him.

The Getty!

The Getty's view!

Fortune Cookie.

Nice wall.


I was too busy to take a picture of all the people from Opening
Night, but we were packed to the gills!

You know it...

Hunt Slonem

This was with me EVERY day. I'm very tired at this point.

The Print Fair!

Lauren & Allan, I like them both.

An installation by French Street artist, Speedy Graphito

Adam, grill master & bourbon aficionado. 

Doc. Or Rex. Or Chef.

Crew BBQ.

Our amazing meal!

Boss & Marcee.  (She's an amazing lady.)

Re-Creating Feminism. 

FarBar at the end of a VERY long Saturday.

The night.

Tabitha, Allan & Lauren.

Creepy bathroom, huh?

A different, sort of, perspective.

Time to go...


Break at the seams...


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