19 September 2010

some protein please.

friday. i decided i wanted to pan-sear some meat. so i went to whole foods and asked the butcher to cut me something i could braise. i got some brussle sprouts and a small loaf of bread. expecting to be home by myself, i was pleased to be able to hang out with lexi all night - she wasn't working. we hung out, i pan-seared my meat (its so, so so so so easy.) my meat was a little over done. however, all you do is season w. salt and pepper, get your pan really hot (i saw somewhere that it said till the oil smokes...i didnt do that) and then sear each side then put it in the oven (300 degrees) for about 5/7 minutes. i think i left it in the oven too long. however, still very good. 

we watched 'master chef.' the gordon ramsey show on hulu right now. its a reality show, but its fun. in watching it i've realized that i'd be gone even before they took their initial 25. i have a lot to learn in the kitchen. lots of things to let myself try and play around with...i'll get there. maybe. regardless, i have a lot i want to learn and am very willing. 

then saturday. i went to an epa (equity principal audition) all day. got there at 8:30am, signed up didn't know if they would see me and thankfully i was seen at 3:30...however...the audition felt rough. the auditor felt uninterested. maybe she'd seen too much shakespeare or maybe she was hungry or maybe she couldnt hire any non-eq. people. whatever...i was still seen. then i walked around and decided to go home and make some pasta. i was going to text lexi but i figured she would be at work. i cant tell you how excited i was when i got home and she was there. so, we cooked dinner. had a bottle of rose and enjoyed each others company. lex made a skirt steak (hence the title) with a red wine reduction sauce and i made goat cheese stuffed peppers and an easy arugula salad with some lemon and olive oil. for dessert i grilled some slices of zucchini bread i had made on friday and covered them with sauteed bananas with brown sugar. it was SO good.

all in all. a lovely weekend. restful. company filled. and nice. how was your weekend?


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