06 September 2010

back at it

here i am. i had a draft of a post for like 2 weeks. sorry. way past due.

so, when i got back to the kitchen all i was making was poached eggs and greens. more poached eggs and toast. an avocado toast with a poached egg. then, it was roommate night and i made dinner for lexi, her friend megan and myself. we ate dinner, drank wine and played scrabble. i lost guys. pretty bad. i'm really good at 3/4 letter words but then...well...lets just say my vocabulary lacks. 

i hadnt been eating a lot of meat but wanted something easy, quick and delicious. so, i roasted a chicken. it was so simple.  i got the recipe from shannalee's blog.  i love her website food loves writing. she always has insightful posts and oftentimes they are inspiring. i am a fan. the chicken was the most moist (i know people hat this word, sorry!) chicken i've ever made. it was perfect. i was going to keep the carcass to make stock or something, but i knew i wouldn't. chris wanted me to keep the carcass for the animals to chew on the bones, but thats bad for dogs - right? i also made a twist on the quinoa salad i've made here before. very easy - quinoa, cooked. a lemon, feta, cherry tomatoes, blanched aspargus...mix it all together, salt & pepper to taste...then you're done. its so satisfying. it is a meal in-and-of itself. 

have you ever roasted a chicken? any suggestions?

Easiest Roast Chicken Ever
Adapted from food loves writing, who adapted from Romanlily, who adapted it from Thomas Keller
One 4-pound chicken (approximately), preferably farm-raised
Kosher salt and black pepper
2 Tablespoons dried tarragon (optional)
Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Rinse the chicken and pat it as dry as you can, inside and out, with paper towels. Salt and pepper the inside cavity, and then truss the bird.
(you should google trussing if you don't know what that is or don't know how...i should take my own advice b.c i don't know how to do it and just wing (no pun) it.
Sprinkle salt and pepper generously over the bird, like you’re “raining” it on there, enough that you will be able to see the salt on the chicken after it’s cooked. Bake, on roasting pan in preheated oven, for 40 minutes. Then turn temperature down to 375 and bake for another 20 minutes. It’s done when the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.
Remove it from the oven. sprinkle the tarragon all over the chicken. b.c. i don't have a baster, i spooned the chicken juices all over the chicken and let it rest for 15 minutes on a cutting board.


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