02 August 2010

everyone i love loves italian food. this makes me happy.

this includes me. (right? cause i gotta show myself some love.) i'm not joking...when i have a choice of what i want to eat out, i choose italian. when i have to plan a meal, i always seem to lean towards italian. when my boyfriend and i want to spend a special evening out by ourselves, we go italian. i read books that focus on italian food. (ps. do yourself a favor and read HEAT by bill buford. ... its great) when i watch a cooking show, i love watching people make italian food. whats something i want to perfect making at home? pasta. and a ragu. man.

...friday night we (rory, his sisters, bro-in-law and a friend) went here: luzzo's. its a great little brick oven pizza place in the east village. its so good. then saturday i threw an amazing surprise party for rory...it was AWESOME. he had no idea and Mike Meyers was at the bar...i love dive bars in NYC. then on Sun, we went to the Meatball Shop in the LES. Also wonderful. I had spicy pork meatballs on risotto - yums. and then, tonight, i have a date with the love of my life and we're going to Barolo for restaurant week...sigh. i could die in italian food.

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