26 April 2010

i made this. (eek!)

enjoy. xo


  1. I love this! I love the sped-up style - how did you do that? I've been wanting to play more w/ video but am slightly intimidated...

    1) Your dinner looked amazing. (So did your bday dinner.) We should get together and cook! And eat!
    2) What was the song you used? Loved it.

  2. amanda! thanks! we should get together and cook. song - mushaboom by feist. don't be intimated by working with video. i assume you use a mac, i edited on the old imovie. its SO easy. i just started recoding stuff, with a very vague idea of what i thought i wanted, and just kept getting footage and then i clipped and put it all together.

  3. That was really well done. I think it's an awesome way to capture your day, to remember it, to remember what you were doing at this time of your life.