20 July 2009

weekend doings

Stuff done: Friday, my theatre company had a fundraiser and I must say, I was pretty impressed. We had a great party, awesome performers, yummy food, cold pbr and an amazing raffle. I was so proud of the way we all came together to make it happen.

(Shout out to unscene.com who posted our event. They have a pretty cool flier they put out on a regular basis and we were able to contact tons of folks for donations through the unscene: brooklyn. You should totally check it out; grab one if you see one. Shop and eat local!)

We had great donations for our raffle from places like monkeytown, northeast kingdom (who have AMAZING food, by the way), china grill, the ifpda print fair, casey fatchett, and diana pappas to name a few!

All in all, a huge success!

Also - I did a workshop with the NY neo-futurists; eff-ing amazing. I fell in love with the neo-futurists when I saw the Chicago crew perform too much light makes the baby go blind
back in 2007 at the DC Fringe Festival. It literally almost blew my mind. They did this piece that was focused on our "War on Terrorism" and how we don't hear about those that have been wounded and have suffered. They simply had 4 people onstage with a bunch of papers with names on them. The names were of those wounded in battle but not talked about. They just kept flipping through hundreds of names, in silence; while one woman read a monologue and when she was done she left. But they kept flipping until they were done and then they left the stage. The papers with the names stayed on stage the entire rest of the show so we would remember.

Talk about working in a workshop. We did some exercises, then we wrote and created a piece and performed it and combined our work with someone else's before the class was done. It was so invigorating. It was fun. It was challenging. It was inspiring. Cannot wait until Saturday! Yee-haw.

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